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 Problems are solved using Paynet Direct Mathematics

Business + Information Systems Engineering

Using System Development Methodology, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Process to Design and Develop Systems.

Technology Consulting

Uncovering the Requirements
for a Preferred Solution + Digital Enterprise + Operational Intelligence

  • Enterprise Application Services
  • Engineering I.S. Infrastructure
  • Engineering R&D
  • Business & Technology Advisory

We leverage our proven assets, tools and methodologies across the MIS deep domains.

Rules of Engagement

Bespoke SDLC +
Stakeholders + Collaborative Brainstorming

  • Information Technology is no longer a support function in any organization, transformation of functional areas needs to be in concordance with the business strategy as well.
    This is because the Operating Business Environment for organizations is increasingly getting complex.
    As change becomes the modern norm in the business world of today, an organization needs to reinvent the wheel so that it can excel.

With Paynet Direct, you can achieve and sustain this success through strategic, functional and process transformation that enables you improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs and enhance resilience.

Organizations that can harness the power of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics tied to smart data will outpace their competitors that DO NOT.

Artificial Intelligence
“Forced by empiricism into a monistic perspective, the brain–mind appears as neither embodied by or embedded in physical reality, but rather as identical to physical reality. This perspective has implications for the future of science and society. ” - Levels and loops: the future of artificial intelligence and neuroscience [Anthony J. Bell].

Product Development

- With great code, you can rule your world. We'll assist you create it.
- Our prowess is enshrined in domain-led, proactive solutions! We’ll help you design, develop, deploy, and manage next generation software apps that will drive your business forward.
- Our coding skills and engineering knowledge base have elevated us to solve the most complex technical challenges.
- We've helped many companies imagine, engineer, and deliver software apps that have changed the world positively.

Technology we use
Prolog Paynet Direct’s commitment to innovation & core technology takes apps to its maximum potential.

- Paynet Direct helps you make the most out of technology by pooling our resources, research, engineering expertise, and experience gleaned from thousands of deployments.

- We are an open-minded and future-oriented company, permanently committed to our clients' cause: the continuous quest for improvement. We work towards integrating Technology into Business seamlessly. Always mobilizing the right people and skills.