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Case Study Report

The Paynet Direct Project Case Studies

These case studies show the vested interest in demonstrating that the services we provide actually improve our clients' business performance in measurable ways. Studying real-life situations will help you see how others have been successful. Here's how.

Paynet Direct has a proven experience in providing solutions to a broad range of markets. Our case studies cover a wide variety of needs across a number of industries.

Automation for a UK-based money remittance company

Payments Industry

Location: Rainham, UK

Categorized under Payments Industry

The client is a leader in the provision of money remittance service to Nigeria. It is based in Rainham, East London in the UK.

The company needed to consolidate operations. This involved automating money transfer operations to Nigeria especially via its reseller subscribers, saving operating costs and creating improved opportunities for customer service and business collaboration.
Additional challenges included:

  • Insecure notifications after sending money
  • Delay in bank response from Nigeria after sending money
  • System with Anti-Money laundering compliance required

Working with the client, key personnel, and various stakeholders, a collaborative team was established to rapidly assess the issues, challenges, and legal requirements to expedite execution of the project.
We identified the challenges involved using Use Cases and other various parameters; we then proffered a working solution which we implemented.
Progress was accelerated by defining the requirements for all sectors of the business and provide all necessary utilities.

Customers can now send money using their bank cards or via other means. Money get received in less than 24hrs, without the interference of any human resource along the line. Human resource is only required for monitoring and auditing.

Automating the HR Management System of a Lagos State Government Agency at Alausa

Media Houses

Location: Lagos, NG

Categorized under Media Services

The client provides media services.

The company was faced with managing its human resources in terms of the following:

  • Record keeping was manual and the company's HR was getting bigger.
  • Staff members are contract and permanent; contract staff are engaged and disengaged more often depending on the nature of work assigned. Company was faced with challenges of keeping and managing the records of the contract staff and their activities.
  • There was need to reconcile & update the qualifications-after-employment of permanent staff for the purpose of promotions and other benefits.

We established a team of the company's HR management and Paynet Direct engineers to identify the challenges and assess the best possible way to resolve so that we can expedite the project execution.
We identified the challenges involved using Use Cases and other various parameters; we then proffered a working solution which we implemented by deploying a scalable and RDBMS-compliant Software Application; which means, the Software Application can handle growing amount of records in a capable manner and can be used to manage staff activities as previously identified: thus, it has the ability to be enlarged to accommodate much growth.

The company now has a computerized software application to keep and update staff records and manage the activities as expected.

Deployment of a modular internet-based learning platform for a State Polytechnic, Nigeria

Educational Services

Location: Lagos, NG

Categorized under Educational Services

The client is a provider of technical educational services. It is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

The client wanted a modern social constructionist pedagogy that will support the inter-activities of both the lecturers and the students via internet-based platform to achieving learning goals.

We deployed an online Learning Management System.

The client now has a platform for achieving learning goals.

Provision of a computerized Academic Operations for a Top Sango-Ota Based Secondary School (Boarding)

Educational Services

Location: Sango Ota, NG

Categorized under Educational Services

The client is a provider of secondary school education. It is based in Sango-Ota of Ogun State, Nigeria.

The client wanted a solution specifically designed to optimize all aspects of the school system processes, including extra-curricular activities and related information to meet the school's objectives.
Some of the objectives include but not limited to:

  • Administrators to capture required data including hard copy document.
  • Supply of reports regarding pupils' academics and tuitions.
  • Planning.
  • Forecasting.
  • Control.
  • Resource Management.

In evaluating the feasibility of optimizing the school's core administrative systems, we identified its specific overall goals associated with such a change. These goals represent the key management and business drivers, as they embody the underlying foundation and driving forces for system replacement. The following is a summary of the key management and business drivers identified by us.

  • Head of School will administer central role and to dimension resources.
  • Departmental Heads will have unique role for their respective sections.
  • Parents will have access to their children’s academic and extra-curricular developments reports.
  • Generation of Reports for decision making, etc.
  • Management of the pupils’ academic system.

Automation of Schools Academic Management System produces efficiency, effectiveness and transparency. Optimizing it results in improving the school's objectives, tracking and compliance.

In collaboration with a Chinese Firm, currently deploying a monitoring solution on Payment Platforms to some Banks

Payments Industry

Location: Lagos, NG

Categorized under Financial Services

New generation banks in Nigeria.

Monitoring the threaded activities in transactions, which came up as a result of the following;

  • Issues arising from Inter-Bank Settlement System
  • Poor Merchants Knowledge on the system.
  • Inter-Bank Settlement System
  • Severe Network Problems, as a result, leading to:
    • Failed Transactions.
    • Merchant Loss of Interest, etc.
  • Possible Network Intrusion

Currently working on this project. Details will be shown here soon.

Currently working on this project. Details will be shown here soon.

Deployment of Fuel Management & Logistics System for a Lagos-Based Oil Marketing Company

Oil and Gas Industry

Location: Lagos, NG

Categorized under Oil & Gas Industry

The client engages in Petroluem Products merchandising. These are:-
- Premium Motor Spirit (PMS)
- Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK)
- Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)
- Cooking Gas
- Lubricating Oil

The client buys products from depot or from bigger supplier and get the products stored in its different storage facilities. Customers order for Petrol, Diesel fuels (as the case may be). The client was faced with the challenge of meeting up with when the next order will be made, and at the same time coping with the availability of products either from the storage facilities or from the suppliers; due to the increasing high demand.

  • Tankers carrying supplies from depot can be faced with faulty engine or other motor parts on the road, thus creating severe delay for demanded fuel
  • Amount remitted from each storage facility to be calculated with respect to the value of supplies therein so the client can know which storage facility is not performing.
There was no computerized MIS component in place. So the task was getting bigger and messier.

We worked with the management team of the company to identify challenges and produce the best possible way to achieve solution so that the project can be executed faster.
We proffered a solution.
We deployed a sophisticated robust & scalable solution.

Data for every activity/task is now obtainable from behind the computer screen and on client's mobile phone (Android App), thus the client can generate reports of all activities from the merchandising as activities are increasing and getting more complex.